Public Order and Safety Office

Acting Head : P/Lt. Col. Cenen Argana Cuaresma (Ret.)

Plaza Central, Poblacion, Muntinlupa City


  1. Human may learn to harmonize the basic needs of individuals, collective growth and prosperity however, this aspiration is attainable with a peaceful environment where men can play, work and live peacefully.
  2. The mandate of the Public Order and Safety Office is to deliver public safety services to the constituency in partnership with the communities and close coordination with allied agencies.
  3. There is one common goal of each and every one of us "a peaceful and orderly society for a better tomorrow".

POSO envision the provision of a just and orderly community living in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, free from threats of lawless elements through intelligence networking and to compliment allied agencies in the effective enforcement of laws and ordinances.


The Public Order and Safety Office exist in order to ensure the security and safety of the communities of the City of Muntinlupa against lawlessness and undertake measures in the promotion and maintenance of peace and order towards the attainment of a just and orderly society.


  • To undertake continuous public information and awareness drives against criminality, substance abuse, terrorism, and public safety services.
  • To promote public support and coordination to enhance the delivery of public safety services.
  • To assist in capability build up of different organizations, both non and/or gov't such as Barangay Police Force, Security Guards, Civil Society Organizations in order to develop Camaraderie, teamwork and skills necessary in Maintaining peace and order in the community.
  • To provide assistance during disaster or calamity and the restoration of essential public utilities.

  1. Establish and maintain a system to monitor peace and order and other public safety concerns in Muntinlupa City, and report the status and update thereof to the City Mayor;
  2. Formulate plans, programs and activities to maintain and enhance public safety in the City and recommend the same to the City Mayor and if warranted to the Sangguniang Panlungsod.
  3. Coordinate with, and assist, national and local law enforcement agencies, including concerned offices of the City Government and Barangay Government, on the proper implementation of laws and ordinances, including extending assistance, as auxiliary unit, in the conduct of public safety services.
  4. Be in the front line on the delivery of quick response and services, particularly those related to situations during and in the aftermath of man-made and natural disasters and calamities.
  5. Secure facilities owned or used by the City and provide civil security assistance to ensure safety of the officers and employees of the City Government;
  6. Provide security coverage for City activities and other sanctioned events;
  7. Conduct training and seminars for members to enhance knowledge and enhance capability on law enforcement, public safety and disaster management;
  8. Undertake advocacy activities to raise community awareness on specific issues affecting public safety and order as well as engage in specific activities intended to promote public safety and order and disaster management.
  9. Perform such other functions and duties as may be directed by the City Mayor.

CITIZEN'S CHARTER (click to view file)
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