Muslim Affairs Office

Program Director : JANALODIN T. GUILING

Upper Ground Floor, Starmall - Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Tel. No.: 877-0087


A progressive and peaceful Muslim Community in Muntinlupa City.


To ensure the preservation of Culture, Tradition and Peace & Order within Muslim Association and Communities in Muntinlupa City.


Empowered Islamic Community in Muntinlupa City that complement with the thrust of the local administrations to ensure peace, development and prosperity.


  1. Make a list of all Muslim residents of the City of Muntinlupa indicating thereon their respective complete names, age, status, residential address, profession/business enterprise, if any, and other personal data. The same shall be for safekeeping with the MCMAO;
  1. Identify the various Muslim Associations in the City of Muntinlupa, indicating thereon the respective names and personal details of each officer and the principal offices. The same shall be filed, likewise, for safekeeping with the MCMAO:
  1. Identify the location of Mosques, Masjid and other places of Islamic worship in the City of Muntinlupa, together with their respective Imams or persons in charge;
  1. Encourage the officers and members of the Muslim associations mentioned in Item 2 and endorse them to Community Affairs and Development Office (CADO) for accreditation and proper coordination;
  1. Prepare and implement activities, projects and programs for the welfare of the Muslim residents and associations in the City of Muntinlupa and submit the same to the Office of the City Mayor for approval;
  1. Coordinate, when necessary, with the heads of the departments and offices of the City Government, on matters involving, but not limited to, health care, employment, livelihood prospects, trade and business, social services, housing, culture and customs and traditions;
  1. Ensure the preservation of peace and order within the Muslim associations and communities, in coordination with appropriate departments and offices of the City Government;
  1. Render reports to the City Administrator’s Office on all activities, projects and programs undertaken;
  1. Coordinate with agencies of the national government on matters that promote their welfare and well being; and
  1. Perform other functions necessary to achieve the foregoing and maybe assigned to him by the City Mayor or City Administrator.

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