Environmental Cluster

  • Good air quality level maintained
  • 2,727 vehicles inspected/regulated for smoke belching
  • 8,158 vehicles voluntarily sent for garage testing
  • Completion of Muntinlupa City Climate Change Action Plan (MCCAP)
  • Creation of Urban Greening Master Plan

3,050 trees planted during several tree-planting activities
Consistent garbage collection services maintained in all barangays

  • 30.73% waste diversion rate, exceeding standard
  • 43,651 kilograms of bio-waste used as animal feeds collected
  • 113,227 kilograms of recyclable materials collected
  • 5,256 kilograms total recyclable collected thru the National Eco-Savers program (Eco-Cares) / Material Recovery Facility in different public elementary and high schools
  • 4,611 kilograms of waste paper recovered from city government offices
  • 641 business establishments issued with ESC clearance
  • 98,556 kilograms of bio-waste mixture processed at the Bioreactor
  • Soil enhancers distributed to different schools and communities
  • 75,165 kilograms of raw compost harvested
  • Basura-Para-Sa-Kompyuter Program

10,242 households in 21 subdivisions compliant to No Segregation, No Collection Policy
Muntinlupa Riverways and Tributaries Clean-Up Activities

  • Re-establishment of Barangay River Council
  • Conduct of Lake Seeding Activities

  • Maintenance of Muntinlupa Freshwater Sanctuary and Fish Hatchery

Muntinlupa Fishermen’s Day with 1,100 participants
Adopt-a-River/Creek esteros/creeks with Skyway and Amkor
2017 Earth Hour Celebration in partnership with SM

  • Also celebrated the following environmental advocacies:
    • International Coastal Clean-Up
    • Laguna Lake Shoreline Clean-Up
    • World Environment Day

World Water Day Celebration 2017
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