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2017 Highlights & Accomplishments

10 MOST Outstanding Students recognized for excellent academic standing and awarded with incentive and scholarship for college last January 2017 at Ayala Malls South Park, Alabang
  • 8,647 children catered in the City’s Integrated ECCD Program
  • 92 public and 120 private child development centers and learning centers were registered and granted with permits
8,055 were able to complete the ECCD program and were part of Step-Up Ceremonies held in 2017 ready for formal schooling

  • 103,615 students from kindergarten to secondary (with junior high school) were enrolled

98% retention rate and 98% graduation rate
The newly constructed Muntinlupa City Public Library (MCPL) was opened to the public on October 2017
1,300 children participated in the community-based Basa Batang Munti Project
14,318 daily readers and researchers, students, senior citizens and mothers assisted and accommodated in the Public Library

  • The Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa (PLMun) was awarded its 2nd re-certification on ISO 9001:2008 on April 2017, a feat that has been consistently upheld and seldom achieved by a local higher educational institution
  • A cooperation agreement was forged between Liuzhou City Vocational College (LCVC) of China and PLMun to establish an Exchange Program with students and faculty members

The Muntinlupa City Research and Development Consortium was created through PLMun Dr. Rowena Dela Cruz, Director of the Office of Student Affairs, presented a paper in Bonn, Germany in Dialogue on Innovative Higher Education in Strategies Conference

  • PLMun student’s excellence was recognized outside the city which led them to winning awards such as:
    • Top Scorer in Regional EDUQUIZ 2017, Individual Category
    • Champion of Cinemandirigma II, a film competition of the Silangan Film Circle
    • Best Production Team during the 87th Season of Radio Veritas Broadcasting Company
    • 2nd Place in the Video Competition by the Psychological Association of the Philippines Junior Affiliates (PAPJA)
  • PLMun received the Human Resource Development Award during the 10th ALCUCOA Annual National Conference

University facilities were improved such as the renovation of the covered court, renovations of laboratories and students’ center and the groundbreaking for the new college building which will serve as the Muntinlupa Technology Hub
1,026 technical-vocational graduates with full qualifications

  • 70 unemployed women were trained and provided with jobs as sewers of handbags

100% of trainees from various courses under MCTI were assisted for review and achieved National Certification, Level 2 (NC-II)
2,947 mothers provided by trainees with free massage, foot spa, haircuts, hair coloring, manicure/pedicure and other services during an outreach program in Barangay Putatan
In the aspiration of the City Government of Muntinlupa to establish a tertiary institution focused on Engineering Studies, the construction of the Colegio De Muntinlupa started in 2017.  It intends to start operations on August 2018.

  • 669 young performing artists were provided with workshop sessions on dance, voice, theatre, arts and crafts and guitar whole year-round
  • 958 youth leaders recognized from various leadership training, seminars and symposium held in communities and schools

Conduct of Annual Youth Month Celebration in September wherein 675 youth joined and showed their talents through the various dance and singing competitions
312 individuals and OSYs provided with skills training and livelihood opportunities to become self-employed and self-sufficient youths

  • 342 athletes and 484 sports clinic beneficiaries provided with regular training on sports such as arnis, athletics, badminton, basketball, volleyball, taekwondo, gymnastics, football, among others
  • 190 youths who joined the Muntinlupa Wemboree 2.0, a youth camp held in July 21 and 22, 2017, which capacitated them on disaster resiliency and changed their mindset from “me” to “we”

240 students were enjoined in the local government through the Boys and Girls Week in which a child representative for the Local Council for the Protection of Children (LCPC) was also elected




2017 Highlights & Accomplishments

Muntinlupa City was recognized as the Most Innovative LGU, Best in Program Effectiveness and Most Improved Nutrition Program by the National Nutrition Council – NCR during it’s Regional Nutrition Awarding.
  • Lower incidence of Severely Underweight and Underweight children from 1.5% in 2016 to 1.1% in 2017.
  • Lower incidence of Severely Stunted and Stunted children from 7.5% in 2016 to 2.9% in 2017.
68,720 children were measured on weight and height through the Operation Timbang Plus (OTP)

  • 33,763 beneficiaries of the City Government’s healthcare financial assistance
  • 1,650 beneficiaries of PhilHealth Point of Care Online Rapid EnroLlment (ORE)
  • 1,625 beneficiaries of DOH Financial Assistance Grant
  • 1,092 beneficiaries of PCSO ASAP
  • 7,070 examinations done for Hearing Aid Testing
  • 7,449 patients served for Dialysis Services

53,000 beneficiaries for Dental Health
1ST IN-HOUSE OPEN HEART SURGERY conducted last December 19, 2017
Groundbreaking Ceremony held for the new OsMun Multi-purpose Building on December 9,2017
6,050 blood donors from bloodletting activities with 4,799 successful donors

  • 7,000 senior citizens given flu vaccine
  • 2,000 breastfeeding kits were provide to mothers
  • 5,091 women were screened for reproductive cancers
  • 11,012 children were fully immunized
  • 15,000 iron supplements provided for pregnant and lactating
  • 2,050 TB cases detected were registered for DOTS with cure/success rate of 90%
  • 793 dengue cases treated and managed
  • 8,671 animal bite cases were given rabies immunization

168,547 clients consulted in Health Centers were treated and managed
18,826 dogs and cats registered and vaccinated

  • 2,385 beneficiaries provided with free animal consultation
  • 1,868 meat handlers’ and operators’ licenses issued
  • 650 stray and surrendered dogs and cats impounded
  • 140 personnel trained on Mental Health Psycho-social Support in Humanitarian Emergencies (MHPSS)
  • 2,141 beneficiaries for the Mental Health Psycho-social Support in Humanitarian Emergencies (MHPSS)
  • 5,929 beneficiaries general consultations and stress debriefing
  • 292 students lectured on Health Emergency Management

Plaque of Recognition for having the Best Health Emergency Management in Metro Manila given by Department of Health (DOH) on September 2017.




2017 Highlights & Accomplishments

  • Capacity Building Program for Community Associations
    • Formulation of Community Associations Constitutions and By Laws (with 110 leaders of 20 community associations)
    • Leadership Training for 45 leaders coming from 10 community associations
    • Disaster Preparedness Training for 28 community associations
  • 625 relocated families were given with financial assistance
  • Release of Php 10 million Interim Financing to St. Catherine Laboure Community Association

Celebration of Urban Poor Solidarity Day participated by 1,415 officers and member of 138 community associations

  • Formulated Barangay task Force on Squatting Prevention on Barangay Tunasan and Alabang
  • Coordination with Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC) to assist 3 community associations on the release of their CMP Loan and 2 new community associations for their CMP Loan Application

Awarding of Building 4 (May 2017) to 14 families and Building 5 (December 2017) to 16 beneficiaries in GK Laguerta




2017 Highlights & Accomplishments

2 communities – were declared as “Drug Free Community” by the Dangerous Drugs Board
  • Barangay Poblacion
  • Pinagpala Compound

  • 70 recovered patients undergo the After Care Program
  • 302 drug personalities arrested
  • Information Education Communication Campaign:
    • 349 Awareness Lectures/Seminars on Crime Prevention/Drug Awareness/1st Responder/Modus Operandi/ Laws and City Ordinances conducted
    • Community Drug Awareness – 3,351 people educated and informed about drug abuse
    • School-Based Anti-Drug Abuse Symposia  - 1,413 students and 1,263 teachers educated and informed about drug abuse
    • Drug Free Workplace Symposia – 977 employees and employers educated and informed on drug abuse

Crime incidents dropped from 1,567 to 1,278 with an 18.14% decrease in volume (2017 – 1,278; 2016-1,567)

  • 40 Buy Bust Operations conducted in the City
  • 9 Most Wanted Persons arrested
  • City Ordinances Implementation (Number of Apprehensions)
    • Curfew – 2,996
    • Half-Naked – 1,601
    • Drinking on Public Places – 363
    • Illegal Barkers – 10
    • Open Mufflers / Anti-Smoking (Issued OVR) – 337

The new Muntinlupa Fire Station in Brgy. Tunasan was completed and inaugurated last December 2017

  • 11 fire brigades consisting of 9 barangays' and 2 volunteer fire brigades organized thru “Barangay Ugnayan”

Establishment of Command Center
Formulation of Peace and Order Plan
Conduct of Local Peace and Order Council regular meetings




2017 Highlights & Accomplishments

2,109 victims of fire received Quick Disaster Response Assistance such as hot meals, food and non-food packs, among others

  • 2,300 constituents assisted through Bereavement Assistance Services in which financial assistance and burial general services were provided
  • 1,142 volunteers from the community, resulting to 20 volunteer groups were capacitated and strengthened to assist in City’s programs and activities

1,200 Muntinlupeños benefited from the People’s Day Celebration

  • 3,015 participated in the Eid’l Fitr Celebration activities
  • 1,116 couples participated in Pre-Marriage Counselling sessions
  • 109 homeowner associations (HOAs) with 453 officers participated and oriented on HLURB policies, DRRM and climate change measures and solid waste segregation information during the Annual Homeowner Association Summit

250 couples solemnized and assisted for marriage registration through “Kasalang Bayan”
2,000 relief packs delivered to Marawi city in support to the Bangon Marawi Project and other financial assistance provided for victims of siege.
  • Continuous empowerment of Solo Parents;
  • Families parents-volunteers and 4P's beneficiaries participated in the 25th National Family Week Caravan and Forum activities

  • 3,279 indigents were registered to PhilHealth
  • PWD Sensitivity Seminar provided to 50 transport groups, 30 establishments and 40 PWD Officers.

  • Monthly celebration sand continuous provision of financial assistance and auxiliary devices to PWD's.
  • 1,000 children with disability benefited from Pamaskong Handog Para sa May K” Program
2,147 senior citizens provided with monthly pension through Handog Kalinga Program

  • 4,938 senior citizens assisted quarterly through  Social Pension Program
  • 30,000 senior citizens received 5 kilograms of rice

1,350 grandparents and elderly inmates visited and provided with goods, medical and dental check-ups
1,600 senior citizens assembled for the Elderly Filipino Week Celebration
800 children and parents attended the Children’s Summit and conduct of 20178 Local State of Children’s Address on November 24, 2017
Muntinlupa City shares the Top Spot (rating of 98) with Mandaluyong City for the 2017 Child-Friendly Local Governance Audit by the Regional Council for the Welfare of Children


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