Local Civil Registry Office


City Civil Registrar: Atty. Harley L. Padolina Jr.

4th Floor, Ayala Malls Southpark, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Telephone Nos.: (02) 8851-6283 (Admin.) / 8851-6287 (CDLI)

Webpage: https://www.lcrmuntinlupa.net

Facebook Page: Local Civil Registry Office - Muntinlupa

Email: [email protected]


The Local Civil Registry Office has the thrust of recording the vital events of every person in the City of Muntinlupa, which has something to do with the individual’s entrance into or departure from life, as well as the changes in civil status that may occur during his lifetime.  Such recording is continuous, permanent and compulsory, which, the Office of the Local Civil Registry faithfully performs.

The History and Legal Frame of Civil Registration:

  • Section 3 of 18 June 1898 Decree mandated the election of a Delegate of Justice and Civil Registration
  • The Philippine Commission of 1901 enacted Act No. 82 (Municipal Law), Section 20 –The municipal secretary became the ex-officio local civil registrar (LCR) in the municipality
  • 21 October 1901, Act No. 273 – Bureau of Archives was created.
  • March 8, 1922, Administrative Code of 1917 was amended by Act No. 3022
  • November 1930, Act No. 3753 – the Civil Registry Law of the Philippines took effect on February 27, 1931. Significant Reforms:
    • Enumeration of acts and events concerning civil status of person which shall be recorded in the civil register
    • The director of National Library was designated as the ex-officio Civil Registrar General
    • Except in the City of Manila where civil registration function was continued to be performed by the City Health Officer, the civil registration function in other cities and all municipalities was performed by city/municipal treasurers.
    • All LCRs were placed under the supervision of the Civil Registrar General
    • Civil registration was made compulsory
    • Provided administrative sanction to erring local civil registrars under section 18
  • August 19, 1940, Commonwealth Act No. 591
  • August 30, 1940, Civil Code of the Philippines Article 412
  • January 31, 1975, Presidential Decree No. 766
  • February 10, 1983, Local Government Code of 1983
  • July 6, 1987, Executive Order No. 209 or the Family Code of the Philippines
  • 1, 1992 Local Government Code of 1983 was repealed by the Local Government Code of 1991 –
  • 4, 1942, Administrative Order No. 3
  • Administrative Order No. 1 Series of 1975
  • Administrative Order No. 1 Series of 1983
  • Administrative Order No. 1 Series of 1993


We envision the Local Civil Registry of Muntinlupa City to be the quintessence of service excellence in our chosen field as we take hold of challenges to make a difference for the people of Muntinlupa City and its neighboring cities and municipalities.


We will commit ourselves to employ on excellent system of acceptance, recording, preservation and retrieval of records of vital events occurring in the life of the individual.

We will focus our efforts to bring about client satisfaction by providing them responsive, efficient and effective civil registration services.

We will provide a positive working environment encouraging competence, dedication, integrity and trust in divine guidance and providence.


  1. To attain at least 1000 delayed registration of unregistered constituents born in Muntinlupa.
  2. To hold a seminar on customer relations and satisfaction to be able to instill greater awareness on customer requirements and to develop skills in handling customer demands among LCR Office and Philippine Statistics Authority Employees.
  3. To encode all registered civil documents in our computer system by the end of the year.
  4. To train and educate all Local Civil Registry Employees in all aspects of civil registration.
  5. To keep the records of the registered documents in a safe place by the end of the year.



  • Timely and Delayed Registration of Birth, Death and Marriage
  • Issuance of Certified True Copy and/or Certified Digital Copy of civil documents
  • Correction of Entry in civil documents
  • Registration of Legal Instruments (Legitimation, AUSF, Admission of Paternity, Pre-Nuptial, Naturalization and others)
  • Registration of Court Decree and Recognition of Foreign Judgment
  • Online Customer Support via LCR Connect
  • Pre-Marriage Orientation and Counseling Appointment
  • Free Notary of civil documents (for registration purpose only)

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