Ecological Profile


Population (PSA, 2015): 504,509
Annual Growth Rate (PSA, 2015): 1.78%
Household Population (PSA, 2015): 481,762
Household Number (PSA, 2015): 122,286
Average Household Size (PSA, 2015): 3.9 persons per household
Population Density (PSA, 2015): 12,693 per (116 per hectare)
Highest Population: Poblacion
Lowest Population: Buli
Highest Density: Bayanan
Lowest Density: Ayala-Alabang

Educational Facilities
No. of Public Child Development Centers: 99
No. of Public Elementary Schools: 19
No. of Public High Schools: 9
No. of Public Tertiary Schools: 2 (PLMun & CDM)
No. of Public Technical/Vocational Schools: (MCTI)
No. of Private Learning Centers: 100 (Day Care)
No. of Private Elementary Schools: 86
No. of Private Secondary Schools : 54
No. of Private Tertiary Schools : 10
No. of TVET Centers : 36
No. of Public Libraries : 2

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Health Facilities
No. of Public Hospitals: 3 (Ospital ng Muntinlupa, RITM and NBP Hospital)
No. of Health Centers: 16
No. of Private Hospitals: 6
No. of Private & Public Lying-In Centers: 28

Security Facilities
No. of Fire Stations: 6
No. of Police Stations: 6
No. of City Jail: 1

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No. of Registered Businesses: 15,708
Total No. of Malls: 12
City Income: Php 5,704,576,338
Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA): Php 1,077,745,214
Gross Sales of Registered Firms/Growth Rate: Php 311,685,104,938.94
Total Capitalization of New Firms: Php 14,899,946,345.01
Employment: 150,879
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