2/F SAGIP Center, Civic Drive, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, City of Muntinlupa, Philippines

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SAGIP was the brainchild of the ZONTA Club of Muntinlupa and Environs together with then City Mayor of Muntinlupa, Ignacio Bunyi in 1997. Seeing the alarming increase in reported cases of domestic violence and abuse against women and children in Muntinlupa, a series of technical workshops were held among the members of the ZONTA Club of Muntinlupa, personnel from the different offices of the City Government of Muntinlupa – the Social Services Department, City Health Office, Office of the City Prosecutors as well as the local Police and other NGOs – Muntinlupa Development Foundation, Bantay Bata 163, Ateneo Human Rights Center and other government institutions – Philippine National Police, Department of Justice and the Department of Social Welfare and Development on the national level.

Together, the idea of having a crisis center for abused women and children was conceptualized and SAGIP was born. SAGIP was created to be a one-stop agency wherein cases of abuse could be processed with a minimum of trauma on the part of the victim. A short-term shelter was also made available for victims of abuse who were in need of emergency housing.

With the assignment by the LGU of the 2nd floor of Contessa Building for the crisis center, SAGIP started its operations on June 22, 1998.

In the course of the provision of direct services to women and children, SAGIP aimed to help them regain their pre-crisis state.  SAGIP likewise saw the need to undertake preventive measures to curtail the incidence of abuse and violence among women and children. Thus, in 2001, it started its campaign and advocacy work in the city’s different communities through its COMBAT-Violence Against Women and Children (COMBAT-VAWC) seminars and trainings. The purpose of the training was to mainstream the issue by increasing awareness and understanding on the plight of women and children whose rights are viciously violated. In 2003, Parenting Effectiveness Services Seminar was introduced to address the escalating incidence of child battery in the guise of exercising discipline over children. In 2005, SAGIP published its first Komiks in Tagalog depicting stories of abuse among women and children and describing the various services and intervention activities SAGIP offered to clients. In 2006, a second SAGIP Komiks  for children was published and distributed in schools and communities. The komiks outlined different types of abuse among children, the help available to them and what could be done to help children who are victims of abuse.

Today, the advocacy services of SAGIP focus on three main areas- awareness raising, capability building of community partners and creation of community-based structures of care for VAWC.


A model center managed by a team of professionals and volunteers, compassionately working to protect women and children against all forms of violence and abuse.


To alleviate the plight of Filipino women and children against all forms of violence and to strengthen the family as the basic unit of society.


  1. To provide crisis intervention and management of cases of women and children who are victims of violence through the provision of physical, emotional, medical, legal and after-care services employing a holistic and total family approach in the management of these cases.
  2. To restore the self-worth and dignity of abused women and children towards being healthy survivors and productive contributing members of society.
  3. To reduce and prevent the incidence of violence against women and children through community/ school advocacy and networking.
  4. To ensure provision of administrative, technical and other needed supports for smooth operation of the different programs of the center.
  5. To implement activities aim to generate funds for sustained programs operations


SAGIP helps the following;

  1. Physically and sexually abused women and her families
  2. Physical and Sexually abused children and their families
  3. The communities where the clients live
  4. Women and Children victims of sex trafficking and other forms of sexual exploitation.
  5. Other forms of abuse and violence committed to women and children.

SAGIP is mandated to provide holistic services to women and children who are victims of physical and sexual abuse and violence.

Child/ren refer to a person below 18 years of age or one over said age and who, upon evaluation of a qualified physician, psychologist or psychiatrist, is found  to be  incapable of taking care of himself fully because of a physical or mental disability or condition or of protecting himself from abuse.

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