City Legal Office

Acting Head: Atty. Genesi M. Santiago

3rd Floor, Annex Building, City Government of Muntinlupa

Tel. No.: 8 861-1126

E-mail: [email protected]


A envision the Legal Office of Muntinlupa City to be a professional law organization that will unceasingly uphold the laws and the Constitution, vigilantly guard the rights and interest of the City and staunchly defend the poor and the oppressed.


To this end, we shall endeavor to keep abreast with the laws and jurisprudence, procure the necessary office materials and facilities, equip our personnel with legal skills and training, secure a 100% success rate in our legal cases and serve the constituents of the City in line with the credo that those who have less in life shall have more in law.


  1. To regularly attend mandatory continuing legal education, seminars, skills trainings and legal updates for its legal officers.
  2. To equip the Legal Office with updated legal materials computer facilities, a legal library and the other technology.
  3. To improve the facilities of the Legal Office to accommodate lawyer’s meetings, settlement of dispute and mediation proceedings
  4. To have a more efficient and organized system of filing, endorsement and inventory of case, documents and communications
  5. To build a stronger, more cohesive and unified relationship among the personnel in the Legal Office.


  1. Rendering of free legal counseling/advice to natural or juridical entity
  2. Rendering of mediation.arbitration/legal conference or Patawag for disputing parties
  3. Drafting of free simple affidavits/affidavits with special circumstances
  4. Rendering of Legal Opinion
  5. Attendance and Representation in legal proceedings: (Judicial/Quasi-Judicial)
  6. Drafting/Filing of all kinds of pleadings in connection with Judicial and Quasi-Judicial Proceedings
  7. Attendance and Participation in various meetings, committees, councils, task force, boards or technical working group
  8. Attendance and Participation in City Council Public Hearings
  9. Drafting of MOA, MOU, City Ordinances, Resolutions & IRRs



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