Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Office


Acting Environment and Natural Resources Officer: Lorna B. Misa

5th Floor, Annex Bldg., Muntinlupa City Hall

Telephone No.: 8 861-9937

Availability of Service: Monday to Friday (8:00 AM to 5:00PM)


To protect and improve our environment and conserve our natural resources as valuable asset for the people of Muntinlupa.


We envision the City of Muntinlupa to be a healthy environment free from hazards for the protection of our community and for the preservation of our future.


  1. To advocate community awareness through environmental education and habitat enhancement of environmental project.
  2. To help in the reduction of emissions of Greenhouse Gases through mitigation.
  3. To educate our community and promote awareness in achieving a low carbon development plan and climate change resiliency for the City of Muntinlupa.
  4. To implement the laws of environmental management program.

CITIZEN'S CHARTER (click to view file)
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