City Zoning Administration Office

City Zoning Administrator: EnP. NOEL A. CADORNA, REB, MAURP, MPSDC

2nd Floor, Main Building, City Government of Muntinlupa

Tel. No.: 861-8695


The City Zoning Administration Office is headed towards the highest standards of service with technologically-advanced capabilities of Zoning Rules and Regulations.


In conformity with the approved City Zoning Ordinance of Muntinlupa, this Office facilitates the immediate and accurate processing of all applications for Locational Clearance, Development Permit, placing premium on client satisfaction while protecting the character and stability of the location.


  1. To protect the character and stability of residential, commercial, industrial, institutional establishments, parks and open spaces within the locality through strict implementation of Zoning Ordinance based on the Comprehensive Land Use Plan;
  2. To efficiently facilitate the processing and issuance of all applications for Development Permit with 100% standard on guidelines for processing of subdivision plan;
  3. To 100% proficiently delegate actions in the process of communications such as letter of complaints, memorandum, orders , and other kinds of documents circulating in our organization.




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