City Planning and Development Office


Acting Head: EnP ALVIN F. VERON

2nd Floor, Annex Bldg., Muntinlupa City Hall

Tel. No.: (02) 8 862-8065

Email: [email protected]

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We envision the City Planning and Development Office as custodian of accurate, updated and comprehensive data for purposes of thorough development planning and strategic decision-making


To provide quality and comprehensive data in support to development planning and fiscal programming.


  1. Comprehensive socio-economic and ecological data of the city of Muntinlupa revised annually.
  2. Comprehensive Land Use Plan, Comprehensive Development Plan, Local Development Investment Plan, and other development plans are rationalized.

  1. To provide accurate and updated information to all offices in the City Government of Muntinlupa and other data users in support to comprehensive planning and dynamic decision-making.
  2. To encourage active participation of stakeholders in identifying development programs and projects, and strategic resource allocation

The City Planning and Development Office (CPDO) shall initiate coordination in setting the direction of all economic and social development efforts in the city. As the highest socio-economic development planning and policy – coordination body of the City Government, the CPDO based on the 1991 Local Government Code has the following major functions:

  • Formulation of Comprehensive City Development Plan
    • Prepares integrated socio-economic physical (land use) and other development plans and policies of the city;
    • Integrates and coordinates all sectoral plans and studies, undertaken by the different departments/offices of the city as well as the other national agencies or function groups;
    • Prepares comprehensive plans and other development planning documents for the consideration of the local development council; and
    • Maintains comprehensive data bank on socio-economic situation of the city.
  • Formulation of the City’s Comprehensive Development Plan and Annual Investment Program
    • Provides assistance to implementing agencies / city departments / barangays in identification of priority projects for implementation in accordance with the City Development Plan.
  • Appraisal and Prioritization of the Socio-Economic Development Programs and Projects
    • Evaluates, reviews, and prioritizes proposed city programs and projects for the consideration of the City Development Council.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Plan Implementation
    • Monitors and evaluates the implementation of various development programs, projects, and activities of the city in accordance with the approved City Development Plan.
  • Conduct of Researches, Studies, and Training
    • Conducts continuing researches, studies, and training necessary to evolve plans and programs for implementation; and
    • Provides technical assistance to the barangays in plan formulation, investment programming, and securing special development funds.
  • Secretariat, Local Finance Committee
    • Recommends to the Local Chief Executive the level of annual expenditures and the ceilings of spending for economic, social, and general services based on the approved local development plan; and
    • Recommends revenue-generating measures.
  • Secretariat to the City Development Council
    • Exercises supervision and control over the secretariat of the City Development Council; and
    • Provides technical assistance to the barangays in project development and local planning.
  • Promotion of People Participation in Development Planning
    • Conducts public consultations as part of participative development planning.
  • Performance of Other Appropriate Tasks as may be Assigned by the Local Chief Executive
    • Acts as member of various committees.

In order to carry out its functions and mandates, the City Planning and Development (CPDO) is divided into four (4) technical divisions:

    • Coordinates with concerned entities in the formulation and updating of City Development Plans;
    • Conducts comprehensive researches and studies on City Development Policies; and
    • Provides technical assistance to the barangays in identifying and developing programs and projects.
    • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the different development programs, projects and activities in the city in accordance with the approved City Development Plan.
    • Analyze income and expenditure patterns, and formulate and recommend fiscal plans and policies for consideration of the finance committee of the city.
    • Updates the Land Use Plan and projects related to the development of the city;
    • Integrates spatial data with socio-economic statistics for more effective planning and decision-making.
    • Serves as the back-up arm of other divisions in generating hazard and risk maps for ecological profile, zoning, and land-use planning.
    • Provides support services relating to personnel and staff development, records management, supplies and equipment, budgeting and accounting, security and general utility of CPDO.

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