Brgy. Tunasan


BARANGAY TUNASAN has a land area of 959.60 hectares (9.596 sq. km) Barangay Tunasan is the biggest and longest (in terms of land area) of all nine (9) barangays of Muntinlupa City. It is bounded on the North by Poblacion, East by Laguna de Bay, and West by the Province of Cavite and on the South by the City of San Pedro, Laguna.

Population            : 53,428 inhabitants
No. of Households : 11,686 households


Barangay Tunasan is located in the First District with three (3) other barangays namely Poblacion, Putatan and Bayanan.

First Legend/Myth

During the mid-13th century, a group of Malays headed by certain “Datu Puti” left Panay island and traveled toward Luzon. With him are two datus, namely Datu Manaploand Datu Malamig who proceeded to Manila. But the natives who live in Manila were hostile, so they left Manila via the Pasig River. When they reached Laguna de Bay, Datu Manaplo and his men decided to stay on the land area, they found called Bagbagan and build their homes, while Datu Malamig, his father, proceeded to Calamba to settle. It was said that in 1735, Bagbagan was changed to Tunasan. On that same year, a document of ownership called Torrens Title was found, which registered Bagbagan in the name of Datu Tuna Asomal, son of Datu Manaplo.

Second Legend/Myth

According to the old folks, Tunasan was a haven of hardened criminals and pirates (“Tulisan”), hence it was called Tunasan. During those times, there are Chinese merchants trading their goods enroute to the Pasig River where the Tulisan dwells. A battle between the Tulisan and the Chinese merchants occurred. The victorious Tulisan confiscated the goods of the Chinese merchants and buried them in ground. This partly explains the fact for the treasures found by the residents when they dug to build their homes.

Third Legend/Myth

According to a legend, when the Americans stock their Tuna Sardines in the area, the people hide them. Every time they eat, they send an errand boy to get some, (Totoy kumuha ka ng Tuna) the boy would ask “Where?” (‘san?). Being so repeatedly at the passage of time, the term Tuna-san was coined which became the name of the place.


Through the blessing and guidance of Almighty God, we envision BARANGAY TUNASAN to be a model urbanized and industrialized community that is progressive and self-reliant.


In order to fulfill its vision, we shall endeavor to transform our barangay into a more peaceful and progressive community whose residents are being provided with basic services through effective governance resulting to strategies that will encourage development of business and industries for employment and livelihood.

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