Brgy. Bayanan


Barangay Bayanan is bounded on the north and west by Barangay Alabang, on the east by Laguna de Bay, and on the south by Barangay Putatan. 

Population 37,642
Total Households 9,411
Total Land Area 784,082 sq. kms.

Bayanan is the second smallest Barangay, which is only about 1.68% of the total land area of Muntinlupa.


An orderly, clean and beautiful community; prosperous and peaceful barangay  identified as innovative community because of honest, responsible service provided to each citizens and above all guided and blessed by the Almighty Lord our God.


Unit and collective effort to serve honestly and meet the basic needs of constituents in public service by providing a good leadership, quality performance on duties, responsibilities and effective management towards the straight path

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