Brgy. Poblacion


Poblacion is a barangay which highly urbanized in the City Of Muntinlupa in the province Fourth District in National Capital Region which is part of the Luzon group of islands. Its 9 barangays belongs to the urban areas in the Philippines. Poblacion had 69,600 residents by the end of 2007. Poblacion represents the center of Highly Urbanized City of Muntinlupa.

Total Land Area 6.131 square kilometers
Population ( NSO-Census 2010) 115,387
Annual growth rate 11.91%
Household population 20,600

Based on October 2013 Barangay Election, Poblacion has 52, 909 registered voters spread out in 232 precincts.


The name Poblacion is a Spanish word which means as a populate place. However, during the early years and up to the present, Barangay Poblacion has been popularly known as “Muntinlupa or Bayan.”

In 1863 According to some folks of the Barrio, The Civil Government sent an engineer from their office to the municipality of Muntinlupa to study the place because they were in search of a barrio that would be fit to be the Center of the Municipality/ town.

From the data submitted by the engineer, it turned out that Muntinlupa and Alabang are both qualified to be the center of the town. It was in January 25, 1863 when the Engineer recommended that the Municipal Hall of Muntinlupa be built in Muntinlupa.

In 1869, a study of the place was also made by Dr. Miguel Caminares and on April 5, 1869 he advised that the barrio of Muntinlupa be declared as the center of Muntinlupa and it was known to be “Poblacion” Barangay Poblacion, situated in District I, is among the nine Barangays of the City of Muntinlupa.

The others are Tunasan, Putatan, Bayanan (District I) and Alabang, Ayala Alabang, Cupang, Buli, Sucat   (District II). It is bounded in the north by Putatan, in the south by Tunasan, Laguna de Bay in the east and Cavite area in the west.

It is the host of the country’s National Bilibid Prison (NBP). The NBP alone comprises 84.15% of the land area, the total area being 6.131 sq. km As such it is currently considered as institutional zone. Much speculation has cropped up as to the development of the area.

In anticipation of the impending development moves, the city of Muntinlupa has proposed a master development plan for NBP area. The plan proposes to contain the commercial area of District I. comparable in the development to that of Alabang area in District II.

Most of the areas in Barangay Poblacion are occupied by residential homes and commercial establishments. A great number of the citizens of Poblacion had made it big in Politics, as serving as town Mayors in the Municipality. They were:

  • Pedro E. Diaz (1925-1930)
  • Francisco Gilbuena (February-April 1945)
  • Francisco De Mesa (1960-1963)
  • Maximino Argana (1971-1985)
  • Jaime R. Fresnedi (1998-2007 / 2013-present)


We Envision Barangay Poblacion, Muntinlupa City as one of the tourist destinations in the south of Metro Manila with self-reliant and disciplined constituents steered by a competitive and vibrant economy, living in planned and well-maintained community, clean and safe environment under firm and efficient leadership.


  • To promote viable tourism industry that will provide business opportunity for local residents.
  • To provide quality service, equal opportunity, promote total well-being of the community.
  • To establish effective partnership with other agencies.
  • To encourage active participation of the citizens in governance theme:

* Collaborative planning * Promote transparency * Ensure effective partnership

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