Colegio De Muntinlupa

College President: Dr. Teresita C. Fortuna, CESO III

Official Website:

Telephone No.: 8 736-3547

Cellphone No.: 09993574507 / 09156834936

E-mail Add.: colegiodemunt[email protected]


Colegio de Muntinlupa shall be the premier local government institution for engineering in the country.


  1. The college shall provide high quality professional and technological education that meets international standard of excellence.
  2. The college shall provide accessible and equitable opportunities for deserving and qualified Filipinos wanting to pursue higher education.
  3. The college shall produce efficient and competent engineers who will be the drivers of the sustainable development in the country.
  4. The college shall produce solutions to the needs of the industries and the communities.


Colegio De Muntinlupa offers five engineering courses namely:

  1. Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
  2. Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
  3. Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering
  4. Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
  5. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Outcomes Based Education (OBE) is an educational process focusing on the specified outcomes of the students and not on the teaching style of the educator alone. The outcomes were defined based on the requirement of CHED, and anchored to the defined PEO (program educational objectives) of the institution. These PEOs are the expected characteristics or qualities of the graduates 3 to 5 years after graduation. Assessment of PEOs shall be done after few years of graduation while the student's outcomes (PO) will be assessed right after the graduation. PEOs were defined in support to the college mission and vision. To achieve the student's attributes, Outcome Based Education was adopted in the syllabus, listing the necessary teaching and learning activities, the assessment tools needed and the target. Result of the assessment will determine the necessary changes or adjustments in the curriculum or in the delivery of the course - the function of the CQI or the continuous quality improvement.

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