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Acting Head: Marilou O. lobo

2nd Floor, Plaza Central, Poblacion, Muntinlupa City

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The City of Muntinlupa has been regarded as the “Gateway to CALABARZON” (provinces of Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon) being in a strategic location as the southern threshold of the National Capital Region. 

It progressively evolved from a remote municipality to a highly urbanized city and became the investment hub of several establishments of major malls, estate investments, IT and commercial retail and service businesses. The local government had increased its business tax revenue collection thus enable them to sustain several servicing programs and projects benefiting its constituents.

Yet, at the height of its progress and developments in infrastructure, government manpower, projects and services the local government is also facing the challenge to address poverty incidences rising up in the urban poor communities.


Before Joint Resources Financing Program came to existence, the local government of Muntinlupa City created several poverty alleviation program attempts. In 1999 to 2002, the City government thru the Department of Agriculture launched the Joint Resources for the Family Program where one of its program components was the Financial Assistance for Micro Entrepreneurs or FAME. This program entails in providing livelihood education and financial assistance for its target clients.

The office of the City Mayor opted to take over the program in 2003 to 2007, to better address the poverty incidences in the city especially the financial needs of the low income entrepreneurs who were its target clients under its new title “Micro Entrepreneur Financing” or MEF.

When the administration change   upon the election of a new Local Executive in 2007, the program concurrently stopped from its operation.

Data shows increase in population density/households, where only 7,058 registered micro businesses are operational while its poverty thresholds comprises only less than 25% of the total household population.

All these factors were evaluated and have been viewed that those monetary issues, types of family relationships and attitude or character may weaken or strengthen the spirit of individuals over their dispute for sound living. 

On the other hand, the usual option that comes to mind for mostly self –employed, employed and unemployed individuals in Muntinlupa City is to look for 5/6 loans, or loan companies with valued interests for specific period of time.

This includes the low income entrepreneurs who acquired the same manner of saving their investments from bankruptcy. Owners of Sari-sari Stores, small eateries, street food and merchandise vendors and shop owners from this group risked their chances to earn big out of their sales.  Occurrences of sudden death, sickness and bills payment, rentals and school fees are commonly the cause of their losses and or capital adjustments thus they eyed for loans or financial institutions who can lend them the amount they need.

This has been one of the common practices by most Filipinos in the Philippines which has been put to an end in the City of Muntinlupa as they launched the Joint Resources Financing Program in the year 2013 and as vitalized through the EO 15-136, a city ordinance establishing the JOINT RESOURCES FINANCING PROGRAM to be funded from the GENERAL FUND of the City of Muntinlupa under the special projects and programs of the Office of the City Mayor.


Our vision is to build self-sustainable and self-sufficient micro-businesses in the City of Muntinlupa.


To help aspiring skilled individuals to start a business, low income entrepreneurs and small business enterprises to grow in their business ventures by providing sustainable financial assistance at zero interest and by extending entrepreneurial training and education.


Our key objective is to encourage aspiring skilled individuals, low income entrepreneurs and small business enterprises to be enterprising and to practice dynamism to enable growth of their business and judiciously manage their finances in order to help improve their lives (and to develop closer family ties and cooperation in the management of their business venture.)


  • Commitment - Working together to achieve service excellence
  • Transparency - Working together in providing our clients complete and accurate information
  • Teamwork - Working together to achieve one goal
  • Integrity and Accountability - Working together with strong moral principles and responsible for one's actions.
  • Best Customer service - Working together serving our customers efficiently and effectively.

  1. Reduction of poverty in Muntinlupa City.
  2. Lessen unemployment incidence in Muntinlupa
  3. Consideration of our clients as business professionals rather than beneficiaries of financial assistance.
  4. Accountability and transparency in the management of the JRF program.

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