Department of Agriculture

Acting Head : Ms. MARILOU O. LOBO

5th Floor, Annex Building, Muntinlupa City Hall

Tel. No.: 861-6498 / 861-3042


Increase food production and family income thru livelihood opportunities for family-preneurship in order to attain level of self-sufficiency to the target clientele.


  • To uplift the socio-economic conditions of the clientele through the provision of technology transfer and technical assistance to become an entrepreneur doing profitable micro-business as an intervention in increasing food production and family income beyond the bare subsistence levels, thus attaining equitable and sustainable growth.
  • To ensure food security and alleviate poverty through the transformation of the client system into dynamically productive and competitive sector.
  • To transforms and molds the attitudes, behavior and values of the clientele into more humane, compassionate and caring individual through character building and spiritual enhancement.

  • To provide goods and services that will reinforce and facilitate the efforts of the community families to attain sustainable productivity and increase income.
  • To generate and/or develop value added technologies and strategies which will contribute to the upliftment of the socio-economic conditions of the marginalized sector of the society.
  • To strengthen the organization’s capability to be effective and prompt in delivering of basic services to its members in order to alleviate poverty, to create job opportunities and to regenerate the environment thru advocacy, community organizing and resource sharing and networking.
  • To advocate an economic opportunities which will increase incentives for community enterprises to a level at least commensurate with the rest of the economy and to promote efficient allocation and optimum utilization of scarce resources, consistent with the principle of equitable and sustainable development.
  • To serve as show window of the clientele so as to give them an idea/insight on urban food production thru technology transfer and technical assistance as an intervention for food security and service of income.

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