Persons with Disability Affairs Office

Acting Head : DR. CARYL G. DE GUZMAN

2nd Level (3rd Floor) Starmall Alabang

Contact. No.: 0967-286-6578

E-mail Add.: [email protected]

Facebook Page: Muntinlupa City Persons with Disability Affairs Office


Republic Act 10070 (An act establishing an institutional mechanism to ensure the implementation of programs and services of Persons with Disabilities in every province, city and municipality, amending Republic Act 7277 otherwise known as Magna Carta for Disabled Persons as amended, and for other purposes.


We envision an inclusive, self-reliant, productive, disaster resilient community for Persons with Disability.


  1. Design and Implement yearly work programs and projects in accordance with RA 10070, RA 7277 (Magna Carta for Disabled Persons), Batas Pambansa 344 (Accessibility Law) and the UN Convention on the Rights of PWDs (UNCRPD);
  2. Advocate for equal opportunity and accessibility of PWDs the programs for education, employment, health access to government and non-government facilities, socio-cultural and sports development.
  3. Propose measures for the welfare of the person with disabilities (PWDs) as approved by the Sangguniang Pang-lungsod;
  4. Maintain and regularly update the dis-aggregated data of PWDs and issue individual PWD Identification Cards;
  5. Organize and identify PWDs in every barangay and federate them in the City;
  6. Serve as consultative and advisory body in the issuance of building and occupancy permits to the effective implementation of BP 344 also known as the Accessibility Law;
  7. Monitor the Incidents violating the RA 7277, BP 344, RA 10070, RA 10754 and PWD related laws.
  8. Implement Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction and Management for emergencies and calamities


  1. Education – To facilitate school-based core team for persons with disabilities, Division Coordinator, Parent Core Group and Muntinlupa Federation of PWD in coordination with SSD, PDAO, DepEd and Barangays.
  2. Education – To conduct regular capacity buildings and sensitivity training for parents, teachers and the community in partnership with Social Services Department.
  3. Education – To conduct advocacy campaigns by barangay in partnership with the School Based PWD Team in the Barangay.
  4. Healthcare – To identify PWDs through mapping of community for data / prompt referral to health facilities by BHWs.
  5. Healthcare – To provide routine assessment of children 0-59 months on developmental delays and other disabilities
  6. Healthcare – To conduct or refer for audiometry / hearing test of newborn and other hearing impaired clients
  7. Healthcare – To provide clients with referral to partners to hearing specialists for management
  8. Healthcare – To provide clients referrals to Developmental Pediatrician Partners for assessment / management
  9. Healthcare – To strengthen promotion activities / increase awareness on disability prevention and availability of services in the health centers and community through health education and distribution of IEC Materials
  10. Healthcare – To provide physical rehabilitation therapy support / refer to persons with orthopedic disabilities through OsMun Rehab Center
  11. Healthcare – To perform Home Visit and Monitoring of Clients through PDAO and BHWs
  12. Healthcare – To forge partnerships with visual, speech and psychiatric/psychological management specialists
  13. Healthcare – To provide health care services and support for PWDs during disasters, emergencies and mass casualty incidents.
  14. Healthcare – To refer orthopedically disabled clients to Mayors’ Office to avail of assistive devices such as crutches, canes, walkers and wheelchairs.
  15. Livelihood and Employment – To conduct seminar or orientation about RA 10524 and the Incheon Strategy to the Public and Private Companies
  16. Livelihood and Employment – To establish database of PWD Skills – thru registration, socio-economic profiling
  17. Livelihood and Employment – To establish database of companies willing to employ PWDs
  18. Livelihood and Employment – To intensify programs for livelihood development for PWDs
  19. Livelihood and Employment – To facilitate in the development and drafting a local ordinance mandating companies to allocate / employ at least 1% of the workforce for PWDs
  20. Livelihood and Employment – To recognize and award companies complying with the RA 10524
  21. Structural Accessibility and Protection – To establish Barangay PDAO Help Desk and Barangay Council
  22. Structural Accessibility and Protection – To have an updated data management (Profile, Skills Registry and Other Activities) and improve reliability and comparability of data
  23. Structural Accessibility and Protection – To provide a barrier free environment for the convenience and safety of PWDs
  24. Structural Accessibility and Protection – To develop partnerships with institutions with specialists for PWDs
  25. Structural Accessibility and Protection – To increase awareness of parents and communities regarding PWD Issues, concerns and existing laws / policies.


  1. Formulate and implement policies, plans and programs for the promotion of the welfare of PWDs in coordination with the Department of Social Welfare and Development, the National Council on Disability Affairs, concerned national and local agencies.
  2. Coordinate the implementation of the provision of Republic Act No. 7277, Batas Pambansa Bilang 344, otherwise known as Accessibility Law, Republic Act 6759, otherwise known as the White Cane Act, other relevant laws and their implementing rules and regulations
  3. Serve as implementing agency of all ordinances granting rights, privileges and incentives to PWDs that may have been or that may in future be ordained by the City Council, such as, like the Sangguniang Panlungsod Ordinance No. 08-033.
  4. Represent PWDs in meetings of Local Development Council and other special bodies
  5. Recommend and enjoin the participation of non-government organizations in the implementation of all disability-related laws and policies
  6. Gather and Compile relevant data on PWDs on their localities
  7. Disseminate information including, but not limited to, programs and activities for PWDs, statistics on PWDs, including children with disability, and training and employment opportunities for PWDs
  8. Ensures / Monitors plans and implementation of Community Based Rehabilitation in the communities of Muntinlupa City
  9. Submit reports to the office of the Local Chief Executive on the implementation programs and services for the promotion of the welfare of the PWDs I their respective areas of jurisdiction
  10. Ensure that the policies, plans and programs for the promotion of the welfare of PWDs area funded by both the national and local government
  11. Monitor fundraising activities being conducted for the benefit of PWDs
  12. Assist non-government organization and people organizations for the Person with Disability Sector in obtaining donations in cash or in kind from local and foreign for the purpose of implementing work plans for PWDs in accordance with existing laws and regulations
  13. Create a working network with the non-government organization of Muntinlupa City involved in the enhancement of the health, physical fitness and economic and social well-being of PWDs in order to optimize utilization of resources, manpower and know-how
  14. Perform such other functions as may be necessary for the promotion and protection of the welfare of the PWDs


  • Registration, Renewal and Awarding of PWD IDs
  • PWD Affairs and Development
  • PWD Database Management
  • PWD Projects Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation


  • Heart – It signifies the love, care and deep understanding of our city to PWDs.
  • Smiling Person in the Wheel Chair – This symbolizes the Persons with Disability
  • People Holding Hands with Half Cog – This represents the network of people and government agencies geared for the social protection, disaster resiliency, livelihood and employment, and ultimately inclusion of PWDs into our society
  • Uplifting Hands – The universal sign of social welfare and responsibility of the government to its people
  • Disability Cogs – these represent the different disabilities of our population but is complemented by our government (People Holding Hands with Half Cog) for the PWDs to achieve their highest potentials and productivity
  • Half Circle of House Shadows – This signifies the communities and grassroots approach of the PWD Affairs Office to convert the unique assessed needs to lasting solutions, innovations and legacies.


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