Office of the City Veterinarian


City Veterinarian: Dr. Pamela V. Hernandez

4th Floor, Annex Bldg., Muntinlupa City Hall

Telephone No.: 8 862-3866 loc. 230

Facebook Page: Office of the City Veterinarian Muntinlupa City


Regulate the keeping of domestic animals

Regulate and inspect poultry, milk and dairy products for human consumption

Enforce all laws and regulations for the prevention of cruelty to animals

Take the necessary measures to eradicate, prevent or cure all forms of animal diseases

RA 7160 XIX Section 489, RA 9482 (Anti-Rabies Act of 2007), RA10611 (Food Safety Act), RA 10536 (Meat Inspection Code of the Philippines, RA 10631 (Animal Welfare Act) and City Ordinance 17-080 Muntinlupa City Veterinary Code)


We envision the Office of the City Veterinarian of Muntinlupa City to be a model office of dedicated public servants, which maintains the highest degree of professionalism and deep commitment to service, in pursuance of its goal to a healthy population of man and animals, free from infectious and zoonotic diseases, assurance of safe and quality meat and meat products, while providing honest, prompt and courteous service to the constituents of the city.


To provide quality veterinary services with main trust on animal health, animal welfare, public health and food security.


The Office of the City Veterinarian will provide at all times honest, highly efficient, prompt and quality veterinary services for the local public.


Ensure a rabies-free city and quality meat and meat products safe for human consumption.


  • Pet and Pet Owner Registration and Vaccination (Field/Walk-In)
  • Impounding of Stray Animals (Stray Animal Control)
  • Redemption of Impounded Animals
  • Voluntary Surrender of Pet Animals
  • Rescue of Wild Animals (Protection of Wildlife)
  • Lectures/Film Showing on Public Schools / Barangay (Animal Disease Awareness)
  • IEC Leaflets Distribution and Tarpaulin Posting
  • Issuance of Citation Ticket to Violators
  • Collection and Remittance (Collection of Fees)
  • Free- Animal Consultation of Pet Animals (Promote Responsible Pet Ownership)
  • Animal Adoption (Adopt-A-Dog)
  • Spay and Castration of dogs and cats (Animal Population Control)
  • Therapy Dogs Development
  • Monitoring and Inspection of Slaughterhouses (Enforcement of Muntinlupa City Veterinary Code on Animals Slaughtering for Food)
  • Monitoring and Inspection of Public Market
  • Accreditation of Meat Transport Vehicle (Enforcement of Muntinlupa City Veterinary Code on Pet, Exotic and Wildlife)
  • Issuance of Veterinary Clearance
  • Issuance of Veterinary Health Certificate
  • Orientation Seminar/Lecture of Meat Handlers License, Butchers License and Operators License (Training on Food Safety Act)
  • Issuance of Meat Handlers License, Butchers License and Operators License

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