Curfew violators who are scholars in Muntinlupa to lose their LGU scholarship

In a bid to prevent further COVID-19 transmission among the youth, the local government tightens its curfew operations and warns minors to observe curfew rules or face suspension in the local scholarship program.

Under a local ordinance, curfew violators who are minors will be given a stern warning for the first offense, withdrawal of scholarship grant from the local government or P300 for non-grantee for second offense, and P500 for third and subsequent offenses. The penalty fee for minors will be charged against their parents or guardians.

As of September 22, the Muntinlupa Scholarship Division (MSD) has recorded at least 70 scholars who violated the curfew hours and received stern warning and cancellation of scholarship grant based from the reports of the Barangays and Muntinlupa City Police Station.

Of the total number of minor violators, 64 students were given warning while 6 minors were removed from the local scholarship program. Second offense violators shall be suspended for one academic year and shall sign an undertaking for their strict compliance to curfew rules.

By grade level, 8 were from elementary schools, 47 were from junior high schools, 4 were from senior high schools, while 11 were from college.

MSD noted that the list of violators will be forwarded to their respective schools and Scholarship Coordinators and rightful actions will be administered accordingly.

Mayor Jaime Fresnedi urges parents and guardians of minors to guide their children on curfew rules, including the minimum public health protocols. Fresnedi continues to advise the public to exercise extra caution at home and their communities especially with the alarming spike of COVID-19 cases.

Meanwhile, the local government has launched the pre-registration of adolescents aged 12 to 17 years old for vaccination following the issuance of an emergency use authorization (EUA) of COVID-19 vaccines for children.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to register their children to the Muntinlupa City COVID-19 Vaccination Program (MunCoVac) as protection from the adverse effect of COVID-19.

The city government clarifies that the pre-registration only aims to create a database of the adolescents’ group eligible for COVID-19 vaccines in preparation for the final guidelines from the Department of Health.

Currently, individuals aged 12-17 are advised not to proceed to the vaccination sites as there are no advice for the administration of the vaccines for the age group yet.

Muntinlupa residents under this age group may pre-register online through the city’s COVID-19 vaccination registration system and choose the category “C – Rest of Population.”

As of September 21, there are 9,509 individuals from the 12-17 age group registered in MunCoVac.

*Source: Public Information Office