Most COVID-19 active cases in Munti are among the unvaccinated, residents urged to get COVID-19 jab

In Muntinlupa City, unvaccinated residents make up about 65 percent of COVID-19 active cases as of August 16 according to the local City Health Office.

A total of 1,140 residents who haven’t received their vaccine were among the 1,756 active cases in the city as of August 16. While only 493 individuals, translating to 26 percent, were partially and fully vaccinated. Further, among the total number of COVID-19 active cases in the city are 123 minors, translating to 7 percent, who are not eligible for vaccination.

From the local health office’s report, 1,438 cases were asymptomatic and 318 were mild cases. Of the total number of asymptomatic cases, 934 cases are unvaccinated while 381 are partially and fully vaccinated. All the 123 minors who tested positive for COVID-19 are also asymptomatic.

For mild cases, majority of individuals who experienced mild symptoms were unvaccinated individuals with about 206 cases. While there were only 112 mild cases for partially and fully vaccinated individuals.

Mayor Jaime Fresnedi underscored the importance of getting the COVID-19 vaccine as protection against the severe effects of the virus such as hospitalization and death. Fresnedi urged city residents to avail the vaccination service of the local government especially during the ECQ. The local exec noted that vaccination is an urgent measure to fight COVID-19 and prevent further severe and death cases among city residents.

Recently, Philippine Food and Drug Administration chief Eric Domingo reiterated the call for the public to complete their recommended doses and follow minimum health protocols even after they receive their vaccine.

“The chance, probability of getting COVID-19 drastically decreases once you complete your vaccination,” Domingo said in a press briefing.

FDA recently reported that they agency documented 116 vaccine breakthrough infections among fully-vaccinated individuals as of August 1 which represents only 0.0013% of the over 9.1 million Filipinos who have completed the recommended doses.

The local government, through the Muntinlupa City COVID-19 Vaccination Program (MunCoVac), ramps up its vaccine roll-out by adding more satellite vaccination sites and launching special schedule for economic frontliners.

As of August 13, there are 393,769 vaccines deployed in Muntinlupa of which 248,579 are first dose (64.4% of the target) and 149,549 are second dose (38.7% of the target). From the total number of first dose vaccinees, 7,160 were inoculated in vaccination sites of Muntinlupa private companies.

The target population to be vaccinated in Muntinlupa is 385,725 individuals or 70% of 551,036 Muntinlupa’s estimated population for 2020.

Muntinlupa City has 17,136 confirmed cases with 14,773 recoveries, 1,953 active cases, 410 reported deaths, 28 suspect cases, and 1,876 probable cases as of August 17.

*Source: Public Information Office