Muntinlupa City Council condemns closure of another road in NBP

The City Council of Muntinlupa passed today a resolution strongly condemning the closure of another road inside the New Bilibid Prisons (NBP) Reservation in Muntinlupa City and called on Congress to conduct an inquiry in aid of legislation to look into the legality and validity of such closure and other policies that directly affect the welfare of the people of Muntinlupa.

Majority Floor Leader Coun. Raul Corro said the city council passed the resolution in its regular session today.

Yesterday, living out prisoners were seen building the 4-feet wall road blockade along Type B which runs the width of the road in Quarry area near the Main Gate of the NBP.

In his privilege speech, Corro noted that BuCor appears to have misinterpreted the Bureau of Corrections Act of 2013 or the BuCor Modernization Law as basis for the recent road closure.


“The Bucor Law is not superior to the Constitution, the new local government code, the Urban Development and Housing Act and other existing laws,” he said. “When the general welfare of our constituents is directly affected, we cannot remain silent or condone such clear violations of our existing laws.”

The councilor said that the access road has been serving the residents of Type B residents for many decades. He noted that the local government will continue to express its collective sentiment against BuCor’s violations to protect the general welfare of city residents directly affected by the policies implemented by the BuCor.


“Bucor has the propensity to implement policies affecting the welfare of our constituents without prior consultation and coordination with the city government as mandated by existing laws, ” Corro said.

He cited two examples of these policies implemented by Bucor without prior consultation. One is the transfer of Covid-19 positive inmates from its penal facility in Mandaluyong City to NBP Reservation and another is the eviction and demolition of homeless and underprivileged citizens without securing compliance certificate from the Local Housing Board as mandated by the Urban Development and Housing Act and local ordinances.

Under the local resolution, the local government will also seek assistance from Muntinlupa Congressman Ruffy Biazon for the conduct of a congressional inquiry in aid of legislation to look into the legality and validity of such closure.


Cong. Biazon earlier criticized BuCor for building the wall without any coordination with the city government. He said that the recent road closure is a form of disrespect not only to the officials of Muntinlupa but to the Secretary of Justice who is still currently trying to resolve the issue of the first road closure known as  Insular Road.

Last March, the local government has also condemned BuCor’s action to construct a concrete wall along Insular Road, an access road of Southville 3 residents to the city proper. Southville 3 is a socialized housing project of the National Housing Authority located within NBP with 8,000 families or at least 40,000 residents.

The Muntinlupa City Council and Sangguniang Barangay of Brgy. Poblacion passed a resolution requesting the Department of Justice to order BuCor to reopen the road going to and from Southville 3 and requesting the conduct an investigation in aid of legislation.

In another development, the City Council also passed a resolution urging BuCor to immediately cease and desist the eviction and demolition of informal settlers within the NBP Reservation. The local government said BuCor should first secure a compliance certificate from the Local Housing Board in accordance with RA 7279 or the Urban Development and Housing Act of 1992 prior the demolition. Under the local resolution, BuCor is enjoined to secure a permit from Muntinlupa Local Housing Board in compliance with RA 7279 and Muntinlupa City Ordinance 17-091.


*Source: Public Information Office