Munti to tighten contact tracing efforts through StaySafe.PH app amid rising COVID-19 cases

With tighter contact tracing efforts and integration of local COVID-19 data in the StaySafe.PH system, confirmed cases and their close contacts in Muntinlupa cannot falsify their health condition and will be barred entry from local establishments.

The City Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit of Muntinlupa and Management Information System Office have started tagging COVID-19 cases in the StaySafe.PH app allowing establishments to identify confirmed, probable, and suspect cases based from real-time data from the City Health Office.

Beginning March 9, the profiles of all individuals under the surveillance of Muntinlupa CHO were identified in the contact tracing system and were adjusted accordingly. Individuals with purple screen corresponds to “Government Declared as CONFIRMED,” orange screen as “Government Declared as PROBABLE,” and red screen as “Government Declared as SUSPECTED.”

Establishments are advised to prohibit entry, isolate immediately, and report to the City Health Office or Barangay Health Emergency Response Team those individuals with non-eligible screens upon scanning of the StaySafe.Ph QR Code. Upon recovery, the profile of individuals with confirmed or probable status will revert to “good condition” with a green screen and will be allowed entry to establishments anew.

Recently, the local government of Muntinlupa, in partnership with the Department of Health, launched the Staysafe.PH app as the official digital contact tracing system in the city and has implemented a “No QR Code, No Entry Policy” in all commercial establishments, workplaces, churches, and government offices in the city.

Mayor Jaime Fresnedi urges all residents and owners of establishments in the city to use the StaySafe.PH app amid rising COVID-19 cases. He said the adoption of StaySafe.PH in Muntinlupa is in compliance with the national government’s recommendation for a uniformed contact tracing system to prevent further COVID-19 transmission, especially with the detection of the contagious variants in the country.

All residents and visitors who will enter, work, or do business in all indoor or enclosed public and private establishments in Muntinlupa shall be required to download and register at the StaySafe.PH application and secure a unique QR Code which they can store on their phone or print for physical copy. QR Codes for non-smartphone user registrants shall be generated by their respective barangays and shall be distributed to where the registrant resides.

Members of the Muntinlupa City StaySafe.Ph Task Force has conducted regular inspections to ensure compliance of local public and private establishments. As of March 11, the local Task Force has issued 235 notice of violations to non-compliant establishments.

Violators will be charged with 2,000 pesos penalty and suspension of franchise or business permit until violation has been rectified for first offense, 3,000 pesos for second offense, and suspension or revocation of franchise or business permit including a 5,000 for third offense. In case the offender is a government official or employee, the maximum penalty shall be imposed including the filing of administrative, civil, or criminal action.

As of March 11, Muntinlupa City has 196 active cases, 5,842 confirmed cases with 5,469 recoveries, 177 reported deaths, 48 suspect cases, and 361 probable cases.

*Source: Public Information Office