Muntinlupa City Health Office releases an advisory assuring residents near Laguna de Bay that algal bloom do not pose life-threatening impact to public health.

Many residents near the Laguna de Bay are complaining over the abundance of algae and incessant emission of foul odor from the lake. The smell reportedly spread out to even farther areas including Northgate Business District in Brgy. Alabang.

The local CHO explains the abundance of algae as a natural phenomenon especially during warmer months. The advisory adds that the algae present in the lake is identified as Filamentous Fresh Water Algae or in common parlance called “liya.” This form of algae is slippery and emits foul odor when dried up.

According to the health advisory, the presence of “liya” in Laguna de Bay is a natural part of the aquatic ecosystem and is not a threat to public health unlike the impact of blue green algae.

Muntinlupa Public Information Officer Tez Navarro says the local government created an inter-department task force to spearhead cleaning operations of “liya” in Laguna de Bay. The taskforce include local Lake Management Office, Environmental Sanitation Center, City Health Office, Environment Protection and Natural Resources Office, Office of the City Mayor, and other Environmental Cluster members.

Navarro adds that residents are encouraged to wear face masks, especially those with respiratory illnesses such as asthma. The public is advised to seek medical help in cases of difficulty in breathing.

For more information, you may contact Muntinlupa City Health Office located at Centennial Avenue, Laguerta, Brgy. Tunasan with tel. no. 541-4813.


*Source: Public Information Office